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E-Board Series 5

E-Board Series 5

With the integration of a large flat screen HDTV or commercial grade monitor (50″-90″), the patented Series 5 E-Board is a very adaptable, ergonomically engineered presentation and collaboration device that’s mobile, compact and extremely versatile.



  • RF wireless handset for actuator movements
  • Height adjustments with powered vertical movement from 28” through 55” at mantel
  • Flat Screen with powered angular (tilt) movement with 15° front tilt and 5° back tilt
  • Engineered for ease of movement
  • Footprint area: 33” D x 43” W (not including Flat Screen)
  • Swivel twin wheel casters allow for ease of mobility (four-wheel locking for increased stability)
  • Approximately 325 Lbs. w/o flat screen and computer, etc.
  • Stained wood storage box mantel (for wireless handset, user manual, accessories, etc.)
  • Frame color: Matt black on all surfaces
  • Integrated tubing electrical enclosures for cables and cords, eliminating clutter
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for surge protection and battery backup
  • Mounting support for UPS, computer(s) and other peripherals (a patented design feature allowing for single sourced power)
  • Universal Mounting Plate for 50” to 90” Flat Screen with VESA (MIS) standard patterns (maximum flat screen weight: 250 lbs.)
  • Video cable (HDMI or Display Port)
  • Easy to understand user manual (minimal assembly required – fasteners and allen wrenches included for flat screen mounting)
  • Standard power specifications of 60 Hertz (50 Hertz if applicable)
  • Controller is programmable for actuators (provides customizable height and tilt adjustment range control – contact Widget Works, LLC for details)
  • E-Board Limited Warranty for two (2) years from the date of purchase
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

NOTE:  Early flat screen plasma models are not recommended for use on the E-Board.  Please contact us for details

All of the electronics and electronic components that are integrated into the E-Board are UL Certified.  Widget Works, LLC recommends that only UL Certified HDTV flat screens be installed on the E-board.

Product Applications

  • Engineering
  • Designing
  • Assistive Technology
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Disabled Veterans
  • Medical
  • Judicial
  • Schools
  • Colleges/Universities
  • General Office Workstation
  • and much more.

Assistive Technology

  • Custom Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Enhanced user independence
  • Enhanced user vision aid
  • AT Discounts Available

AT compatible device

Wheelchair manufactured and sold by Handicare

E-Board Series 5 Product Brochure (pdf)

How to Buy

If you are interested in more information or purchasing an E-Board please contact us today.

Widget Works is also looking for talented sales people to become resellers of the E-Board. If you are interested in a particular territory contact us today.

Versatility in Motion

  • Enriched presentation device
  • Interactive teaching aid
  • Enhanced user collaboration

Interactive Functionality

  • Multiple application windows
  • Adjustable user interface
  • Transportable

Ergonomically Designed

  • User adjustable tilt screen
  • User adjustable mantel and screen height
  • What They’re Saying

    "We currently use the E-Board for our Domestic Violence Education class. . . and with the E-Board it is accessible to individuals with a variety of disabilities."

    - Victim Advocate,
    North Carolina Advocate Agency

    "You have a wonderful product! The boards' size and clarity made the content easy to see even from across the room."

    - Provost,
    South Carolina Private University

    "Our message and our meeting were more successful because of your presence and the use of the E-Board."

    - County Chamber Administrator,
    North Carolina

    "The EBoard has worked flawlessly ... we've been able to use it for meetings, pulling up documents rather than using the projector as we have in the past. We have a group that uses it weekly for video presentation and we've talked about its uses for tele-psychiatry."

    - Human Resources/Training Director,
    Behavioral Health Services

    "I really love my E-Board. It gives me the freedom to relax and view my designs from comfortable angles and heights as well as a very large monitor. Without fail, every new customer or vendor or friend that stops by my office makes a comment regarding how they like my E-Board. It’s truly a simple design that makes me much more productive."

    - Owner,
    Metal Fabrication Firm.

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