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Workspace Ergonomics

SERIES 2: The E-Board's interactive functionality readily adapts to multiple user working preferences and needs, making it one of the most multi-purposed productivity instruments in the workplace.

Interactive Functionality

SERIES 5: The E-Board's patented design captures interactive functionality in a timeless design with the aid of modern technology.

Versatility in Motion

Both E-Board Chassis' feature wirelessly controlled adjustable heights and front-to-back angled tilting, permitting individuals to customize the E-Board's to their own personal preferences and needs.

New Product

You asked, we designed and delivered!
Introducing the new Series 5 E-Board,
compatible with 50" to 90" flat screens.


What They're saying

It’s truly a simple design that makes me much more productive.

Productivity Enhancer

My E-Board gives me the freedom to relax and view my designs from comfortable angles and heights.

More Viewing Freedom

We have been able to use it for meetings pulling up documents rather than using the projector.

Projector Alternative

Our message and our meeting were more successful because of your presence and the use of the E-Board.

Meetings With Impact

The large tilting screen works extremely well with our clients that have limited vision.

Enhanced Accessibility

We absolutely love our E-Board. It’s great to be able to adjust it for use by each individual.

Excellent Adaptability

Welcome to Widget Works

Widget Work, LLC is a custom design mechanical base company that exists to creatively and efficiently develop innovative ideas from concepts to reality.

Our Clients

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